Basic Services

At ALMADISA we start our service portfolio with basic storageservices for your customers and the possibility
to discharge your consolidated and full boxes for further processing or immediate cargo delivery.




In Bond Storage

Storage of cargo for periods of up to one year free of import duties


Reception and placement of cargo in warehouse premises


Cargo insurance for the duration of storage at warehouse

General Storage

Storage of customs cleared cargo

Load and Discharge

Of full and consolidated containers


  All services above are available in the five countries in which we operate  
Prices and quotations are available upon request (see Contact Form)



Value Added Services

Our value added services can be included in your own portfolio in all countries where ALMADISA operates.
From  this  point onwards, you decide what solutions you need for your customers and we will design the
appropriate SOP to meet your specifications.




Costs  will vary and depend upon volumes and quantity of services required, however a basic cost to list is
available upon request for most services.





Inventory Control

In/out control of cargo, quantities and ageing


Separation of cargo according to customer needs


Preparation of cargo and packaging according to customer needs


Labeling of cargo according to customer needs

Partial Deliveries

Partial deliveries of cargo according customer criteria and needs

Local Distribution Distribution of cargo at national (country) level
Factoring Invoicing and collection from final customers according to instructions



Regional Contact



Tel. (502) 24775371


El Salvador

Tel. (503) 22886623



Tel. (504) 99664132



Tel. (505) 22205256


Costa Rica

Tel. (506) 22639805

Starting your Operation in a New Country?

Starting operations in a new country is always a special challenge: laws, regulations, human resource and proper infrastructure among others. Allow us to help you execute this process with our value added services.

Make your learning process in a rational way which allows you to concentrate on your main issue, get your new business unit moving with a controlled investment and without being bound to assets and employer liabilities which add uncertainty to your start up.

Our Services and Solutions Portfolio at your Disposal:
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We     provide     comprehensive service    in    storage,   customs clearance,   transportation    and distribution  of  merchandise   in the region

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Basic Services

- In Bond Storage
- Handling
- Insurance
- General Storage
- Load and Discharge

Image 03

Value Added Services

- Inventory Control
- Packaging - Segregation
- Labeling - Factoring
- Partial Deliveries
- Local Distribution

Image 04

Special Services

- Re Packaging 
- Offers & Promotionals
- Category Inventories
- Surveys and Inspections
- Customs Brokerage & Trucking

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Offices & Contacts

We  take care of the headaches associated        with     crossing  borders,     preparing      proper documents,   consolidating  and delivering your cargo efficiently

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