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We     provide     comprehensive service    in    storage,   customs clearance,   transportation    and distribution  of  merchandise   in the region

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Basic Services

- In Bond Storage
- Handling
- Insurance
- General Storage
- Load and Discharge

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Value Added Services

- Inventory Control
- Packaging - Segregation
- Labeling - Factoring
- Partial Deliveries
- Local Distribution

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Special Services

- Re Packaging 
- Offers & Promotionals
- Category Inventories
- Surveys and Inspections
- Customs Brokerage & Trucking

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Offices & Contacts

We  take care of the headaches associated        with     crossing  borders,     preparing      proper documents,   consolidating  and delivering your cargo efficiently



ALMADISA Regional –Neutral Logistics Operator

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Added Value for  your Company

International transportation has become a commodity-like service, with extensive availability and strong competition in every market. At the same time businesses require an ever growing portfolio of logistics services which may be beyond your strategic investment plans for this region.



ALMADISA is designed to complement your services

and add value to them


Your Regional Partner in Logistics

Image 02Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras    Nicaragua - Costa Rica

Our coverage facilitates your job and gives access to the countries which compose this dynamic region

All logistics service verticals which you need for your customers covering 5 countries

Offices and Infrastructure in the region’s main cities



Tailor made solutions which complement your own service portfolio

regardless of your entrance hub

















Dedication to your Business Priorities


Regardless of the main line of business, whether raw materials, finished goods and goods in process, the storage level support and management of their inventories efficiently and safely is essential. Maintain an infrastructure for it diverts resources and attention from your core business. ALMADISA is designed to support and allow it to focus on its "core business".




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